Our Mission

“We work together every day to supply quality medical devices to a diverse clientele globally while maintaining the best management practices and redefining the healthcare delivery”

Core Competencies

We have a range of finest General Surgery/Dental Restoration Instruments. The surgical tools manufactured by wrangler includes all types of needle holders, surgical scissors, forceps, retractors and related instruments. On the other hand our healthcare products range of dental surgical instruments includes medical devices from forceps to retractor and curettes to towel clamps. Globally our products have proved to be the best medical devices in practice while performing surgeries by many of our clients.Our further core competencies include Team, Communication, ERP & Documentation, QMS and Technical Support.

Growth Over The Decade

Wrangler Instruments has one of the Fastest Growth in the Industry, with an achievement of (TDAP) Teir 1 Exporter within its first 4 years. We started from a small workshop of 10 people and now we are a team of 100+ permanent  members and 500 indirect employees through socially responsible vendor management. We also hit our highest goal of exporting 4 million plus instruments in 2020.

Global Presence

Our mission is to target basic health problems throughout the world and make our instruments available in remote destinations. Our instruments exist in Burkina faso, Sierra Leone, Mongolia and most of the developed western hemisphere. We also export to Europe, Netherlands, Portugal, China, SA, USA.



In order to be acknowledged and best in our field, we make sure we comply with culture and are always working hard to strive towards certifications in our product and operational developments. Furthermore, we are always up to date with what’s going on around the globe , be it environmental to social to products.


The State, Community, Employees, Vendors and Customers are our primary stakeholders that benefit from our business. We make sure to take proper care of all involved , as they are the people who are our business’s support and make our entrepreneurial journey successful. On the other hand , we provide vendor management policy and make sure our team is following ILO and are socially responsible members.


Customer Centricity

Ownership and Performance

Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating Growth Opportunities

Diversity and Inclusion

Compliance Culture


Respect and Care